Saturday, November 15, 2008

Project a-ko

This Anime is a crazy classic, its about 2 Girls who work hard for echother and had finaly hit it rich and own their own home... when Suddenly a Space craft crashes and a baby girl arives, and then suddenly the space pirate captives need the escaped baby girl for ransom and destroy the house and fly off.

the only way the girls can regain their home and fortune is to get revenge on the space pirates and get the reward for rescuing the baby Girl!

this anime is full of lots of action and very wacky entertaining Humor!
its a Pure anime classic from 1986! and a must see for any true anime fan!

As an added bonus i even Hunted Down a Japanese trailer!

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Lavalle Lee said...

great anime, i used to watch this in the 90s

when i was new to anime, i had 3 vhs's, think i still do