Sunday, October 26, 2008

GIRL POWER AWARD! October '08 - Chi-Chi

ChiChi - From Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT

From a young age, she kicked butt and was by goku's side.

Stayed with her childhood sweetheart, and had a family.

Even though her husband was the strongest man on earth, she still didn't take any crap.

She's a strong, smart woman, in charge and our october favorite.

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Wikipedia Description of Chichi

Chi Chi (チチ, Chi Chi?), known as Chi-Chi in the Viz manga, Chichi in Japanese versions, and Milk in Latin-American TV, is the wife of Goku and the mother of Gohan and Son Goten. She is very protective over the well being of her family, and wishes to remove them from Goku's lifestyle of fighting and constant conflict. She attempts to have Gohan focus on studying during his childhood, but this is interrupted by the constant threats to Earth. She later relaxes with Goten, even training him herself. As the daughter of the Ox-King, she is very strong in her own right, having easily made it to the quarter-finals of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. She and Goku first meet as children, and Goku promises to marry her, thinking marriage is a kind of food. She later confronts him to have him fulfill the promise, despite the misunderstanding. She is voiced by Mayumi Shō and Naoko Watanabe in Japan, and Laura Bailey and Cynthia Cranz in the Funimation dub. She will be played by Jamie Chung in the upcoming live-action film Dragonball.


Dusty Silvers said...

Cute site, aww chi-chi, I remember her (reminisces) yeah.. watched dragonball and all the other series when I was 7 :P nice blog! xx

fatpanda said...

thanks! check back for nov's award :)

Anonymous said...

aww chi-xhi brings back many memories but i never really liked her cause she got on my nerves