Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Girl Anime photo's!

Here is another Mario Anime Girl :D

Here is a Photo of Mirrelle and Kirka from the Anime Noir

Here is Excell and Her companion from the Anime Excell Saga

Here is a Photo of Pretear

and Finally a Picture of Kaleido Star

All Great Animes All so much to talk about but if this doesent show ya that we will Mix up and eventually show you all the Great female Anime characters out there through the Thosands of animes i donno what would, so checkout this blog every day as i will find more Intro videos Provide Descriptions of anime and later ill even post my reviews of anime after watching them myself!


Anonymous said...

oh god pretear when i saw that pic it brought back memories, really since i was really into it when i first joined the forum. and it was in my original sig lol put all these other pics are great too

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as ever any girl in any anime are beautiful, specially asuka from evangelion, hinata from naruto and yamada from B gata h kei, these girls are example of Japanese anime beauty.