Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mille & Maryl the Heroins of TRIGUN!

Trigun, Vash the stampede, Nickolas D Wolf Wood, they are the common names of the Popular 1998 Anime Series Known as Trigun, But it is without the Epic Perills of Mille Strife, and Maryl that the Series wouldnt be so well done and compelling to watch, as the Series is Set through there eyes as working for the Bernedelli Insurance company they Work to find Vash the stampede and settle all insurance disputes and validate the claims as to weather or not vash was involved or at fault of the damage and Destruction, through there work they realize who vash really is and what has happened to make the circumstances as they are and realize what vash's life really is and that the Mystery of the Humanoid typhoon is real, but why it is real is somthing above Everyones Powers and Abilities, it is somthing Only vash can handle ... Anyways Without Further Adue Here is the best photos i could Find of Mille and Maryl!

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fatpanda said...

those two sure were a pair

and maryl's secret crush on vash