Friday, October 24, 2008

Magic Knights Rayearth Intro Song Videos!

Here is the 1St English Intro to Magic Knights Rayearth!

Here is the 2nD English Intro to the Second Season of MKR!

And Finaly here is the Original Full Japanese Intro!

Magic Knights Rayearth is a Early 1990's Classic anime with Very Good Animation and Quite a Wild RPG Like Fantasy Story involving 3 High School girls about to goto Jr High School but on their last day of 6th Grade they goto a Field trip to Tokyo Tower where everything is normal untill a Magic Force Summons them into a world where they are Destined to Save it from destruction, but They didnt ask for this and want to go back home more over the enemy has the head start.. can the girls over come their fears, Work together and Want to save the land?

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